Development Projects: How Not To Leave Too Much Money On The Table

Posted on 2016- 12- 07 /

Under Development Projects

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As promised in last week's email, here is the second instalment in our Development Project series. It follows on from our blog, which looks at the symptoms and reasons for poor feasibility study outcomes.

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Development Projects: How Not to Leave Too Much Money on the Table - First Principles


White Paper: How not to leave too much money on the table

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Development Projects: Are You Leaving Too Much Money On The Table?

Posted on 2016- 11- 30 /

Under Development Projects

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How improving your management practices will reduce the risk of suboptimal NPV / IRR.

Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) are key measures for organisations deciding which combination of options provide the optimal business outcomes.

A project is considered a failure if it did not at least meet its expected business value ‘On-Time, In-Full’ (OTIF). But what about those many marginal projects? From experience we know that there are many, many cases where a combination of...

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